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School of Foreign Languages

The School has 7 specialties with 717 undergraduate students and 46 teachers. These include 17 teachers in the Department of Foreign Language Teaching and Research, 29 teachers for language specialties; 10 Professors and Associate Professors and 27 lecturers, over 90% teachers have got Master’s degree among young teachers. There are 30 current and completed Provincial and University Level Research Projects; several Provincial and University Level Top-Quality Courses and Excellent Courses; 30 academic monographs and textbooks compiled by the teachers of the School; and over 10 teaching awards of municipal, provincial and national levels. The School is equipped with advanced Video Language Laboratories and has invited foreign teachers from Australia, America, Japan, Russia and Korea. In 2017, English specialty of the School has won the fifth place in the comprehensive evaluation of Jilin Province among 13 newly setup universities.

Three orientations for English Speciality students are provided, including English Speciality (English and Japanese bilingual), English Speciality (English and Korean bilingual), English Speciality (English and Russian bilingual). After entering the college, students can choose to major in just English or English and either Russian, Japanese or Korean]. The English Specialty was set up in 2003. Through a decades development, it has highlighted the talent development feature of “English + Teaching / Commerce + Application” and has cultivated the interdisciplinary ability of students. Meanwhile, it has strengthened the practical professional quality of students through increased practice and training, strived for the integration of basic knowledge of English language and the skill training of English teaching, commerce, highlighting the features of practice and application. 

The three orientations – English and Japanese bilingual, English and Korean bilingual, and English and Russian bilingual aim to develop high-quality application-oriented bilingual professionals who have a solid foundation in the English language and a relatively good ability in listening and speaking Japanese, Korean or Russian and can undertake work such as translation, teaching, cooperation and management in areas such as foreign affairs, economics and trade, culture, education, science, technology, and tourism.

The Talent Development Program of “2+1+1” has been adopted for the Korean specialty. Students learn the basic knowledge and skills of Korean at the main campus in the first two years; they then go to the Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture to do the theoretical, practical and professional courses in the third year. They then do their internship and graduation paper in the fourth year. The Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture is a place with distinctive features of Korean language and culture. Students can study and experience the Korean nationality and meanwhile improve their competence in the Korean language. The Korean Speciality has established Practice Bases in middle and primary schools and pharmaceutical and trading companies, and has carried out the schooling mode of collaboration between university and enterprises so as to improve the quality of students and ensure their internship and employment.




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