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School of Construction Engineering

The School of Construction Engineering has been the university’s achievement of undergraduate education development for over ten years. It has been set up with an orientation towards the market, and under the strategic measure of sustainable development for the medium and long term. There are 4 specialties in the school: Civil Engineering; Engineering Cost; Science and Engineering of Water Supply and Drainage and Road, Bridge and River Crossing Engineering. There are over 1,200 undergraduate students. The school has committed itself to the development skilled practical and innovative practitioners. The school boasts good faculty, teaching environment and experiment teaching facilities with a set of complete and advanced equipment. There are over 50 teachers including 8 Professors and 19 Associate Professors: 8 of whom have PhD Degrees. Together they have formed a diverse teaching team in terms of age, experience, specialties and qualifications. 

There are four departments, seven laboratories, one practical engineering cost center and many off-campus internship bases. The School has built up 8 Professional laboratories including a civil engineering materials laboratory, a mechanical and structural laboratory, a geotechnical laboratory, a measurement laboratory, an engineering cost simulation training room, an engineering cost professional training center, a specimen and model laboratory, and a water processing laboratory with a total area of 1,000 m2 and equipment value of 3 million RMB.  

The school aims to cultivate students who are able to adapt to the future, by integrating theoretical and practical teaching, with education for all-round development throughout the whole teaching process. This does this by following the principle of teaching, demonstration and cultivation, by integrating ‘on’ and ‘off’ campus, ‘in’ and ‘out’ of class, and ‘term’ and ‘non-term’ activities. The school boasts an excellent teaching team, a well-tested teaching management and evaluation system. and ‘in’ and ‘off’ campus practice bases, a variety of recreational and sports activities, which are laying a solid foundation for the cultivation of high-quality talents.


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