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School of Management of Finance and Economics

The School of Management of Finance and Economics has 1930 undergraduate students and 85 full-time teachers, including 16 Professors, 39 Associate Professors, 12 teachers with a Doctoral Degree, 62 teachers with a Master’s Degree and several teachers with Double Qualifications or working experience in the relevant industry. “Financial Management” is accredited as a Provincial Featured Specialty in Jilin Province both in 11th Five-year Plan and 12th Five-year Plan. While the teaching team of the Finance has been accredited as a Provincial Excellent Teaching Team, the Money and Banking and International Trade Theory and Practice Schools have been each accredited as Provincial Excellent Coursesand won third prize of Jilin Provincial Educational and Technological Achievements. Five courses - Financial Management, Intermediate Financial Accounting, International Trade Theory and Practice, International Settlement and Finance - are Provincial Outstanding Courses in Jilin Province. There is also one Provincial Excellent Instructor, one Changchun Municipal Excellent Leader of the League Union, one Provincial Moral Teacher, three School Eminent Teachers, one School Promising Young Teacher, two teachers entitled “Individual Model with Teacher’s Professional Ethics”, one teacher honored as one of the “Prettiest Teachers of CSTU” and several teachers awarded “Excellent Employee” of the school for 24 times in aggregate.

“International Economics and Trade” and “Management of Agricultural and Forestry Economy” are two university-level Characteristic Specialties. There are also four excellent university level teaching teams.

The school has been awarded four teaching achievements, six teachers have won the title of “Excellent Teaching Quality” and the young teachers have won the Teaching Contest and Multimedia Courseware Contest many times. Teachers have published over 10 monographs, edited over 40 textbooks, conducted 35 projects at Ministerial and Provincial level and have published over 100 academic papers. The school boasts 10 large professional laboratories, including one that contains the  front and back office of a simulated bank; a securities and futures laboratory; a financial software laboratory; a commerce and trade related software laboratory; a a comprehensive interdisciplinary laboratory; and, a Government Affairs Hall. There are also over 30 off-campus training bases for internship and practice, which facilitate the cultivation and training of students’ professional skills. The students have won the first prize in the Provincial Professional Skills Competition six times and the application-oriented graduates win popularity with employers. The students have a variety of extra-curriculum activities and have been crowned Grand Champions at the University Scientific, Cultural and Artistic Festival for nine years in succession.   

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