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School of Automobile Mechanical Engineering

The School of Automobile Mechanical Engineering has five specialties, including Transportation, Mechanical Design Manufacturing and Automation, Material Shaping and Control Engineering, Vehicle Engineering and Mechanical Electronic Engineering, of which Transportation and Mechanical Design Manufacturing and Automation are featured specialties during in the 13th Five Year Plan and the pilot specialties during the transformation and development of the school. There are 785 undergraduate students and 37 teachers, including 10 Professors and 13 Associate Professors, 4 “Changbai Mountain” Eminent Teachers with Expertise, 2 University Eminent Teachers and 2 Excellent Teaching Teams as well.

The school has set up an Advanced Experimental Training Center, which covers an area of over 6,500 m2, with the value of teaching instruments and equipment amounting to over 12,000,000 RMB which is the experiment and teaching demonstrative center of the provincial level. The School has initiated extensive University-Enterprise Cooperative Relationships and 15 off-campus bases for internship. The Guanyi Precision Industrial (Kunshan) Limited Corporation has been accredited as a Provincial College Students’ off-campus Teaching and Practice   Base. The in-campus and off-campus bases effectively ensure the development and training of students’ practical skills. The students enhanced their practical ability and achieved excellent results in the 2017 College Students’ Comprehensive Engineering Ability Competition: one team winning the chance to take part in the national competition. Graduates with application-oriented talents have been popular with employers ensuring a student employment rate of 90%.

◆Material Shaping and Control Engineering

◆Mechanical Design Manufacturing and Automation

◆Mechanical Electronic Engineering

◆Vehicle Engineering

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