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School of Business Administration

The School of Business Administration has over 1,200 undergraduate students and 53 members of teaching staff, including: 13 professors, 18 associate professors, 2 teachers with post-doctorate experience, teachers with senior titles accounting for 58.5%, 8 teachers with Doctoral Degrees or doing their Doctoral Degrees; teachers with master’s degree or doctorate degree making up 82% of the team, 5 teachers with Double Qualifications and 9 Distinguished Visiting Professors. There is also a Provincial Excellent Teaching Team, a Provincial Excellent Teacher, a Provincial Promising Young Teacher and two School Eminent Teachers.

The school has achieved remarkable teaching achievements, including one provincial level Top-Quality Course, 4 provincial level Excellent Courses and 2 university level Characteristic Specialties. The school has set up one provincial level Experimental Center, one provincial key base for humanities and social sciences and one provincial innovative experimental area for developing talents of Business Administration. Moreover, there are 32 off-campus practice bases including one provincial teaching and practice base. Students from the School of Business Administration have won prizes in ERP contests in eight events, including first prizes of the provincial level, second prizes in the northern area, and third prizes of the national level.  

School Orientation: It is our mission to develop all-round students, it is our responsibility to cultivate talented students.

◆Business Administration (including Modern Logistics)


◆Human Resources Management

◆Electronic Commerce

◆Exhibition Economics and Management

◆Tourism Management

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