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School of International Education and Exchange | Food Science and Engineering

(in collaboration with California Baptist University of America)

The School of International Education Exchange is responsible for the training and management of CSTU’s Sino-Foreign Cooperative Education Program. Taking advantage of the University’s existing disciplines and drawing on lessons learnt with experience with the curriculums and teaching management modes of various domestic and foreign universities, the University has carried out various forms of educational exchange and cooperation with a number of foreign universities in order to develop application-oriented professionals with an international perspective.
At present, the School is responsible for the implementation of the Food Science and Engineering Undergraduate Education Program between Changchun Sci-Tech University and the California Baptist University of America. The project was approved by the Ministry of Education (project approval document number: MOE22US2A20141665N) on January 25, 2015. This project has been incorporated into the National Ordinary Higher Education Enrollment Plan and began the enrollment of students from the August 2015, only accepting candidates of Science with college entrance examination marks in English reaching over 90 points.
●Major courses
English and Spoken English (Basic English and English for Specialized Purposes), Introduction to Health Care, Theories and Experiments of Anatomy and Physiology, Theories and Experiments of Human Microbiology, General Chemistry, Theories and Experiments of Organic and Biological Chemistry, Health Care Ethics, Introduction to Nutrition and Food Science, Circular Nutrition, Introduction to Food Preparation, General Psychology, Nutritional Biochemistry, Senior Public Nutrition and Health, Medical Nutrition Therapy, Human Nutrition Assessment Lectures and Experiments, Micro Economics, International Business, Business Law, Marketing, Administration Principles, Introduction to Statistics, and over a dozen senior seminar courses.
The annual tuition fee in China is 25,000 RMB (RMB), while the tuition and scholarships of the year in USA are charged according to the standard of the American California Baptist University.
●Degree conferred
On completion of study, those who pass the examinations can obtain a Bachelor’s Degree of Engineering and a diploma issued by Changchun Sci-Tech University; if students do further study at California Baptist University of America during the learning period, those who pass the examination can also be conferred with the Bachelor’s Degree of Engineering issued by both California Baptist University of America and Changchun Sci-Tech University.

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