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Vocational and Technical School (Senior Vocational Education)

The Vocational and Technical School has nearly 3,300 students and 46 full-time teachers, including 8 Professors, 12 Associate Professors: 26 teachers having a Master’s Degree. The school cultivates high-quality application-oriented talents with the schooling philosophy of “attaching equal importance to both teaching and cultivation, highlighting both students’ knowledge and skills”, regarding the market as orientation. The school has established the “dual bases” mode of integrating internship and practice bases with employment bases by adopting the schooling mode of “integrating practice and learning, collaboration of school and enterprises”, so that the graduates will be qualified and undertake the post directly and experience “no-transition” from learning to working. In particular, to meet some students’ requirement of furthering study, the school facilitates student taking part in the examinations to enable to transition from being junior college to university students for general college and universities of Jilin Province. 16.5% of students have passed the exam and entered university in 2016, which stands at the top of vocational colleges alike in Jilin Province. It greatly promotes students’ learning motivation and the creation of good academic atmosphere, resulting in extensive social influence.


1. Construction Engineering Technology

2. Project Cost

3. Automotive Detection and Maintenance Technology

4. Computerized Numerical Control Technology

5. Industrial Robotics

6. Mechanical Engineering and Automation

7. UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) Application Technology

8. Computer Application Technology

9. Mobile and Internet Application Technology

10. Navigation and Location Service

11. Electric Automation Technology

12. Animal Medical Science

13. Nursing

14. Rehabilitation Treatment Technology

15. Oral Medical Technology  

16. Medical Examination Technology

17. Hygiene Inspection and Quarantine Technology

18. Financial Management

19. Financial Management

20. Accounting

21. Marketing (Automobile Marketing)

22. E-commerce

23. Tourism Management

24. High-speed Railway Passenger Service

25. Urban Rail Traffic Operation Management 

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