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School of Information Engineering

There are over 1,100 undergraduate students in the school. In 2014, the specialty of Computer Science and Technology was recommended as a “Featured Provincial Specialty” and has been ratified by Ministry of Education to carry out a cooperative development project with the integration of practice and teaching in collaboration with China Software Corporation; In 2016, it ranked in the front of the list in the comprehensive evaluation of Jilin Province. The specialty of Internet Engineering has been awarded “School Featured Specialty” and cooperatively established the talent development project of innovation and employment of Internet Security with Fujian Zhongrui Internet Company. The specialty of Electronic Information Science and Technology has been awarded the pilot specialty for cultivating excellent engineers in 2015. The specialty of Measurement & Control Technology and Instrumentation has signed a talent development agreement with Jiangsu Fuqiang Company of Science and Technology in 2016, recruiting 60 students for the first time.

There are 57 teachers, including 7 Professors, 9 Associate Professors and 4 teachers with doctoral degrees. Of these, one is a Provincial Eminent Teacher, one is a School Eminent Teacher, one is a Provincial Moral Teacher, one is a winner of the Changchun Municipal Government Allowance and one an expert from Taiwan Chaoyang University of Technology. Together they form a diverse teaching staff in terms of age and professional experience.

The laboratories of the school cover an area of 3,200 m2 (0.32 hectares) with the value of the equipment reaching 20 million RMB. There are 16 basic electronic laboratories, 1 electronic innovative laboratory, 3 rail traffic training rooms, 2 Internet engineering laboratories, 2 software training rooms, 2 digital media two-dimensional training rooms, 1 digital media three-dimensional training room, 1 photography and video recording training room, 8 computer rooms accommodating over 600 computers for public courses.

The “3+1” Talent Training Program has been adopted by the school, consisting of three years for learning professional and theoretical courses, a half-year for practice and training in enterprises; and a half-year for graduation design and internship. In recent years, the school has experienced transformation and development and adopted the strategy of developing students with vocational skills by integrating university and enterprises. The school has collaboratively established practical bases in various large companies and corporations including China Software Corporation, China Haier Corporation, Changchun Unicom Company, China FAW, China CNR Corporation Limited, Changchun Light Rail Corporation, Shenzhen Huawei Company, the Jiangsu Fuqiang Company of Science and Technology, Kunshan Guanyi Company, Changchun Longxu Internet Company, Beijing Spark Age Company so as to improve the quality of students and continue the employment rate of students at over 90%.

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◆ Internet Engineering

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