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Changchun Sci-Tech University, or the CSTU, is a general undergraduate university approved by the State Ministry of Education. It was recognized as a National Model Independent College in 2010 and as an Excellent College of Chinese Higher Education in 2011. The CHSI (China Higher Education Student Information and Career Center) website organized a survey of college students’ satisfaction with teaching quality in December 2013 for which 19.86 million students voted. The results revealed that CSTU was one of the most successful: ranking first among 42 undergraduate agricultural colleges and universities which met the sample requirements.

Through fifteen years’ development, the school has built up a system of specialties with Engineering as the principal specialty, Agriculture as a featured specialty and Administration, Literature, Arts, Economics, Natural Science, and Medical Science playing a supporting role. With 44 undergraduate specialties and 26 senior vocational specialties, the school reaches over 15000 students.

The school covers an area of 850,000 m², including an area under construction of 500,000 m². The value of the teaching apparatus and facilities amounts to over 86 million RMB, including a library of 38,000 m² with a collection of 1.2 million books; a gymnasium with a capacity of 6000 people; and a stadium with a capacity of 30,000 people. The experimental building covers an area of 34,000 m² (3.4 hectares) with 203 laboratories and training rooms. There are also 181 off-campus practice bases; a digitized campus internet system; large electronic reading rooms; a well-equipped international conference center; and a recreational and sports center with a full Olympic sized swimming pool.

There are 744 full-time teachers, including members of various Chinese and International Scientific Academies; winners of Special Government Allowances of the State Council; Excellent Provincial Experts; National Young Experts With Outstanding Contributions; National Eminent Teachers; Provincial Eminent Teachers; and Doctoral Supervisors, of which 57% are Associate Professors or Professors.

With a focus improving teaching quality and training, the school has developed a competence-oriented, three-dimensional, three-in-one training mode for developing students in which the teaching system and teaching content are integrated with teaching method and management with particular attention on the collaboration between CSTU and enterprises; the integration of working and learning; and the integration of production, learning and research. The two in-campus practical and training bases – the Royal Dragon Hot Spring Resort (the largest in-door hot spring in Asia) and the Shuangyang Lake Donghua Manor - have promoted the improvement of teaching quality. One of the features of the school is the way in which the SYB (Start Your Business) Education and Professional Development Education Program has been integrated with a College Students’ Pioneering Park covering an area of 12,000 m² (1.2 hectares). The “six-in-one” SYB teaching mode has increasingly improved the quantity and quality of the businesses of the new graduates and increased their chances of employment. Consequently, the CSTU has been judged as being among the Top Ten Demonstrating Pioneering Parks of Jilin Province by the Department of Human Resources and Social Security. It has also been declared a State Demonstrating Base for High-Tech Business Incubation by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security. CSTU has vigorously pursued the “two certificates” system and over 11,000 students have acquired various professional certificates. Over 500 students have achieved impressive results in professional and skill competitions at the provincial and state levels, including Gold Prizes in National Mathematical Modeling, the Jilin Provincial Electronic Commerce Competition and the Jilin Provincial Electronic Technology Application Competition. The percentage of students who managed to enter postgraduate programs (in proportion to all graduates) ranks better than other similar colleges and universities, with the percentages of the School of Bio-Science and Food Engineering and the School of Animal Science and Technology reaching about 30% in recent years. The school was recognized as a Provincial Innovative Trial Plot for the Training of Talents by Jilin Provincial Department of Education.

Two specialties - Financial Management and Animal Medicine - have been judged to be Provincial Level Characteristic Specialties and Food Science has been accredited as a Key Project Research and Development Discipline under the 12th Five Year Plan. Animal Medicine has further been accredited as a Trial Point of Provincial Brand Specialty, with eight courses judged as being Provincial Excellent Courses. Further, three teams have been accredited as Provincial Excellent Teaching Teams and twenty-two courses judged Provincial Outstanding Courses. The Experimental and Training Center for Automobile Machinery and the Comprehensive Experimental and Teaching Center for the Industrial and Commercial Administration Specialty has been recognized as a Provincial Experimental and Teaching Demonstrating Center and gained Second Prize in the Jilin Provincial Teaching Achievements Competition consecutively for three years. The school was recognized as an Exemplary Group for the Management of the Registration and Granting of Higher Education Certificates by the Ministry of Education in 2012 and as a Model Unit of Employment Management of Jilin Province by the Department of Education twice. In recent years, the average employment rate has remained over 94.7%. The Students’ Affairs Department and Communist Youth League Department have achieved excellent results and have been commended and have achieved awards from both the Jilin Provincial Higher Education Committee and the Changchun Municipal Higher Education Committee. The University has been awarded successively the honorary title of Spiritual and Ideological Development Model Unit by the Changchun Municipal Higher Education System.

At present, CSUT has signed a cooperative agreement with 18 colleges and universities in Korea, Russia, America, Thailand Singapore and 14 colleges and universities in the Special Administrative Region of Taiwan, through which the undergraduate and graduate students will take part in the short and long-term exchange and postgraduate programs. Over 370 undergraduate students have taken advantage of this opportunity since 2011.

The Cooperative Undergraduate Program of Food Sciences and Engineering signed by Changchun Sci-Tech University (CSTU) and California Baptist University (CBU) of America has been approved by the Ministry of Education and incorporated in China’s Higher Education Admission Plan. Students have been admitted in a “3+1” joint program since 2015, under which students will study for up to three years at CSTU and then progress to CBU after meeting its admission requirements. Students will be conferred with an Undergraduate diploma and a Bachelor’s degree from CSTU after meeting their criteria and an American Bachelor’s degree after passing examinations at CBU.

California Baptist University (CBU) of America, as a comprehensive university, is well known for its reasonable tuition, attractive and safe environment, and the high quality of its teaching. The cooperative program initiated by the CSTU and CBU will make good use of the strengths of both institutions to improve the professional level, vocational skill and international vision of students. With Food Sciences and Engineering, as one of the signature specialties of the School of Bio-sciences and Food Engineering, the program at cultivating application-oriented senior professional talent with a knowledge of chemistry, biology, food engineering and production technology, quality control, product development, scientific research and engineering design in the food field.

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